The Jasper King Trust

Jasper’s story

Words by Sharon King, Jasper’s wife

In January 2013 Jasper was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer – his oncologist told us his prognosis was to be  “measured in months rather than years”

In October 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 2a Breast cancer, my prognosis was that it could be treated.
One year, one household, one couple; 2 cancers. We somehow found our way onward through this devastating year and the one that followed. Applying for funding to take holidays gave me some sort of focus, the application processes, the planning, the action.


We both found regular holidays gave us something to look forward to, something to hold onto. The holidays didn’t change our outcomes, sometimes they felt daunting and challenging and quite often we didn’t want to go due to illness and emotional overload.

However, they gave us space to be, time to be with one another and with family and friends, away from hospital appointments, keeping house, and simply managing, or not. They became a vital tool in our coping and we never regretted taking them.

Eigg and Harvest Moon

Eigg was where we had always planned to make a home, somewhere that had always soothed us with its wild beauty, nature and community.

East Lothian and Harvest Moon were much closer to our home in Edinburgh, and as Jasper became more unwell, we were very lucky to have a few holidays there, right on the beach, enjoying comfortable and warm glamping and simply being outdoors but close enough to the hospital to feel safe.

About Jasper

Jasper grew up in Hawkshead in the Lake District. Not much interested in school he took to juggling at an early age and became a world renowned clown, musician and juggler, who could balance pretty  much anything on his chin or nose. Most difficult of these tricks was a ten pound note or a Rizzla paper, to the delight and amazement of fans and friends alike.

Jasper was a talented, funny, kind man, and a loving husband and family man. He spent his working life touring the world with his company The Chipolatas, bringing street theatre, clowning, and music to over 44 countries for over 25 years.

He loved all sports and was an extremely good golfer and supported Liverpool football team with passion.

Jasper died in April 2015 at the age of 44 from stage 4 lung cancer. Sharon cared for him during the 3 years of his illness and was also diagnosed herself with stage 2a breast cancer in 2013.

The Isle of Eigg and Harvest Moon were their favourite places and it’s Sharon’s wish to create a lasting legacy and to make a difference to others.