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Respite stories

Our respite stories illustrate just some of the experiences families who have used the Jasper King Trust.

Reflecting in nature

“I was referred for a respite holiday with Jasper King Trust by Maggies Edinburgh. I’d finished chemo about a month before the holiday – and still felt the side effects – but was feeling constrained and bound to the city.

“Harvest Moon, which is surrounded by lush, beautiful nature, was the ideal break from that – after just a few days I felt replenished. I also felt more confident in myself to plan trips away, some of which I’ve been on since this holiday!

“I also had a lot of time and space for reflection. During my stay, a friend of mine who is also a cancer patient visited me and we were able to have an honest, deep conversation about our experiences – something we hadn’t had the time and freedom to do before. 

“My advice to anyone considering a respite holiday would be: try to find a balance between reflecting on your experience and enjoying the opportunity to be in such a beautiful landscape.”

– Jasper King Trust 2022 family

Time by the sea

“For our family, the holiday was a wonderful break. It gave us time and space to spend together by the sea with friends and family, and lots of time for rest and relaxation.

“Prior to the holiday, we were feeling pretty scared and overwhelmed. A lot of things had happened in a short time, with no break to digest.

“I had just finished chemotherapy treatment and come out of the hospital – I was well enough to travel locally but being close to the hospital was still important at the time. Harvest Moon was the perfect distance.

“My partner said the time away really helped them clear their head – they said being able to run from your door straight into the sea every day was something that you just can’t beat.

“We all came away feeling very grateful – much more relaxed and clear-headed, and felt able to cope with the future.”

– Jasper King Trust 2022 family

A place to rest and recharge

“Before the holiday we felt a bit physically and mentally drained by all the hospital treatments and related diagnoses.

“The holiday gave us five days of peace away from technology and other present-day distractions. Afterward, we felt revitalised, relaxed, and refreshed.

We really appreciated being given our stay by the Jasper King Trust. It helped us recharge our batteries when we didn’t even realise they were going flat – it was perfect for us at the time.”

– Jasper King Trust 2022 family

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