The Jasper King Trust was set up in 2017 to make a difference to families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

We raise money through events and donations to fund self-catering family breaks as a way of supporting families, at a point when they feel their world is closing in around them. The holidays have taken place on the Isle of Eigg, at Harvest Moon, East Lothian and, new for 2019, in The Lake District.

 The JKT aims to create a lasting legacy in Jasper’s name, helping to create positive memories and experiences for families under pressure, in places of significant beauty.

 In 2017 the charity enabled two families to each take a 7 day break on Eigg. 

In 2018 three families benefited from 7 days break at Harvest Moon in East Lothian.

 The following QUOTES are from the families and capture the ethos of the Trust's aims perfectly:

 “The boys loved it. Often at home they are exhausted and grumpy with their grief but they were out playing football and rugby with other kids until dark!

 It was so nice for us to see them just be normal kids for a while, looking relaxed and happy.... It was the first time in nearly nine months since losing our son that we felt a calmness and some inner peace. There is something about the sea and going back to basics."


“It was great to have the holiday to look forward to as we got through the end of S... treatment. I noticed S....and his big brother T.... were much closer on our return and playing and cuddling in the car to the ferry which was really special as it had been difficult for T... when S... was suddenly so different after his surgery and couldn't move or speak.

 The sailing was an incredibly empowering experience and T... felt so confident and proud to be helming the boat himself! S... was showing great physical improvements when we got home and seemed to really enjoy the whole trip, the island and meeting lots of people. It has been a great preparation for starting school this year and I think for all of us after such an intense, isolated year it was great to shake ourselves out of the routines and be somewhere new.”

 “Time for deep conversations. Time to breathe. Time to be in a very natural environment was amazing for us all. From the booking this holiday was a wonderful thing to look forward to. A beacon in times of uncertainty.”


 To find out more please contact thejasperkingmemorialtrust@gmail.com

Please support the Trust if you can with donations and fund-raising events. Any amount is generous and gratefully received.

The Jasper King Memorial Trust (JKT) became a registered charity on 30th August 2017, Charity number: SCO047679







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